I mean I’m certainly inquisitive, and I have better attention now than I did. I think I’m better at focusing my learning now. I love that about what I do about my job too. But also the position of access if gives you for incredible minds and incredible opportunity. It’s fascinating. And to be able to have conversations with other artists in other mediums as well. To understand what their concerns. So I feel more galvanized with my learning now that I used to do. You know, I hold my hands up, people say you didn’t go to Oxbridge, and it wasn’t because I wasn’t bright enough, it might have been that though. I don’t know, maybe I should test myself! Or, maybe not, maybe my IQ is 70 or something! But I’m definitely curious, I’m eager to learn, I always have been. (x)

When i have a son i’m gonna name him Shezza

"You could have told me what I was from the beginning! Why didn’t you?"
"You’re my son… I wanted only to protect you from the truth…"
"What, because I… I… I am the monster parents tell their children about at night?"

Real-life people played by Benedict Cumberbatch.











Mary, I think you should do a pregnancy test.

I’ll bet this is where she decided to kill CAM (Magnussen). She had to protect her new family, and CAM was sending a direct threat to her via that telegram.

I agree…you can definitely see it in the 4th gif. She goes from shock to excitement to terrified. She did what she had to do to protect her family. 

People use that look to mean that she’s afraid the baby isn’t john’s, but yes. This is when she realized CAM had to die, because she had not only her husband to protect, but a child.

This is also hours after she learned that Magnussen knew who she was and was going to come after her. She has every reason to be panicked because she has discovered that she is starting a family and there is a legitimate threat to that family all in the same day.

And all the espionage and hidden identities aside there’s also just the fact that she’s 40 years old and JUST got married and she’s fucking pregnant like I know very few people who wouldn’t be at least a little bit ambivalent about that situation even if they didn’t have a face licking blackmailer threatening them. 

My heart falls into my stomach at that last gif because the fear she must have felt.  She’s literally alone in her fight at this point.  No one else knows what she’s fearing.  Even Sherlock doesn’t know the extent of the danger she’s in.  To be this afraid, to think you can’t even rely on your loved ones because you want them out of harm’s way.  I NEED TO HUG MARY.  

Can we fucking applaud Amanda’s acting here, guys? We applaud the way Ben and Martin show hundreds of emotions in a scene in this way BUT JESUS CHRIST THIS WOMAN IS A FUCKING GENIUS.

Amanda Abbington doesn’t get all the love she deserves

Give her ALL THE AWARDS!!!!!


I text Amanda this morning about this post, and said that I hadn’t even realised she’d done it, but because she had, it just cemented further that she was a FUCKING GENIUS. She responded saying “Ahhh yes. I did play that little note but I didn’t think anyone would notice it.”

She’s so underrated, it’s fucking ridiculous.

On another note, I made her an award that says “The “All The Awards” Award”. I gave it to Martin at the Richard III stage door. Amanda tells me that he’s got it in his dressing room but says he is keeping it because he won’t win the Emmys.





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